We are community group that has been working activiely for bats for 25 years old and is registered as:

  • a Charity with the Autralian Tax Office
  • an Environmental Organisation with the Federal Government
  • a Landcare group
  • a Not-for-Profit group with Queensland Government

Click this button to make your donation by credit card or Paypal. If you choose to use a credit card, make sure you enter the Donation amount before the address details.

For donations from within Australia, you may like to direct deposit into our Bendigo Bank account
BSB 633000 Acc 127597458
and email us your details please

For volunteers paying for their accommodation etc
For those paying postage for online shopping
please pay into our Bendigo Bank operating account
BSB 633000 Acc 127596104
and email us your details please

Your donation makes a huge difference to us and the bats. Each year It will help to :
  • Rescue up to 1500 bats
  • Raise and release up to 500 Spectacled flying fox orphans
  • Travel over 40,000 kms to rescue or support release bats
  • Buy $15000 of fruit, milk powders, mealworms; ;
  • Buy $3000 in medical supplies
  • Run educational programs in the community

We will provide a receipt to all those within Australia who can claim the donation as a tax deduction.

Please consider making a monthly donation. This is very easy to set up within paypal or your bank.