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Flying foxes and other wildlife are often caught in loose netting thrown over backyard fruit trees. Thin nylon netting causes particularly horrific injuries because of the torniquet effect of the nylon. Ripening fruit should be protected with finely woven netting like the Fruit Saver nets, or Hail Guard (page 21) and Vegenets. Bird netting has traditionally been sold for protecting fruit trees but it is deadly for wildlife, whether it is black, white, monofilament or knitted, loose or strecteched over frame. The mesh size of bird netting is too large and easily entangles wildlife.

We get very few rescues from netting but in other parts of Australia it is a big problem. Anyone using netting needs to monitor their trees every morning incase of entanglement and have a rescue number handy.

Please go to our wildlife friendly fruit netting website for comprehensive information about this threat to flying foxes and other wildlife.




Photo: Mike Jupp

fruitsaver net
  We recommend Fruit Saver nets, a fitted box shaped net that does not require a frame.