Visitors have a unique opportunity to see the work of the internationally-renowned bat hospital and meet some Australian bats, up close and personal. Learn what is special about these flying mammals and enter their upside-down world.

We have a Certificate of Excellence for 2017 on Trip Advisor for Atherton area
and vary #1-3 for attractions in this area BAT- TASTIC!


$15 Concessions for groups 8+


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mum and bub Spectacled FF
Spectacled flying fox mother and pup
Learn more about bat conservation and welfare issues
Wildlife friendly fencing and Netting
and the Don't Shoot Bats campaign



BAT HOSPITAL BOOK NOW IN STOCK Please go to our Shopping Page to place an order, or here to learn more Information about the book.

SPECTACLED FLYING FOX ORPHANS Over 400 orphans have now come into care since September, as a result of tick paralysis killing their mothers. We need help, please use the DONATE NOW button above to help us cover the costs.

LITTLE RED FLYING FOXES CAUGHT ON BARBED WIRE FENCES ... and over 380 juvenile Little Reds have been in care - a result of massive flowering bringing them into the area, strong winds, lots of barbed wire in undulating country and their size/youth. Some weighed as little as 140 gms.

RELEASING SPECTACLED ORPHANS We expect to begin the release by the end of the month, weather permitting.


panorama photo Ashleigh Johnson: Bat hospital outdoor cages 2008 (it's too bushy to see the cage now!)

Tolga Bat Hospital works for the conservation of bats and their habitat.

  • the rescue, rehabilitation and release of hundreds of bats each year
  • the provision of lifetime sanctuary for many bats that are too injured to return to the wild or have been retired from zoos
  • education about bats through schools and the onsite Visitor Centre
  • habitat restoration work at 2 colonies, Tolga Scrub and Lakeside
  • facilitating research into bats
  • advocating for bats
  • providing a rich volunteering experience at the hospital

We are a not-for-profit community group, a Landcare group and a registered charity that aims to improve the public's perception and understanding of bats. The group takes its name from the nearby Tolga Scrub, a fragment of critically endangered Mabi rainforest that is home to up to a million fruit bats at some times of the year.

Photo (right) Aerial view of the Bat Hospital taken in January 2015 by Greg Dunstan while filming for Sunrise television. Taken at a very dry time of the year.
  aerial view

Tolga Bat Hospital - Map We are nestled in 5 acres of gardens in a quiet forest valley 6 kms outside Atherton, an hour's drive inland from Cairns. Click here for directions. It is essential to make a booking to visit the bat hospital as we want to be prepared to give you our undivided attention. Telephone 07 4091 2683 or email us.

The Atherton Tablelands has spectacular scenery and wildlife in a diverse landscape - from the high altitude tropical rainforests to the vast savannah landscapes to the west. For holiday ideas - things to see and do - go to our Atherton Tablelands links page

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